I've been teaching in music schools for over 15 years now. And I still have some students that have been there from the very start. These days I do all my teaching online, via Zoom and Skype, but also Messenger and FaceTime if that's preferred, and it works great. It allows a great flexibility as far as time planning goes, and of course location.

In recent years I've had students from the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Thailand. Some even on the same day!

I finetune my teaching methods and approach to each individual student, based on the goals set out from the start and as they develop during our time. I've prepped students for auditions for the conservatory (for example the Royal Academy for Music in the UK, or CODARTS in Rotterdam) by teaching theory and solfege/ear training, but I also teach the specific playing styles of the Hammond organ, using my B3 in the lessons, and traditional piano lessons as you would get in any music school.

I pride myself on being flexible, and knowledgeable and experienced in a large variety of styles and (keyboard) instruments. I have given lessons to veterans in the industry who wanted to expand their knowledge.

Please get in touch if you're interested in lessons, or you're curious and you have questions about what I can do for you, and of course pricing.

Here's what it could look like on your screen:
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